Kevin Haggerty

Training Modules

Kevin Haggerty's Sequence Trading Course
Now you will learn how to combine volatility, price and time together with many of Kevin Haggerty's most powerful and explosive strategies so that you can identify high-probability reversal zones. Advanced, intermediate and new traders will all benefit from this Sequence Trading Course as will professional money managers and longer-term investors. You can apply Sequence Trading to stocks, E-minis, Forex, commodities, mutual funds and bonds whether you trade intraday, swing trade or trade in the intermediate-term time frame. And, for the first time outside of his seminars, Kevin will teach you the powerful and explosive RST Strategy. More Info

How To Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains
Many professional traders consistently make money during the first hour of trading...and so can you! Now you can be coached by Kevin Haggerty as he teaches and trains you how to trade his explosive First-Hour Reversal Strategies! More Info

How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy for Explosive Gains
Here's your chance to learn Kevin Haggerty's favorite trading strategy...Slim Jims. Kevin will teach you how to find explosive moves intraday, daily, and weekly. You will learn Kevin's 5 Slim Jim Strategies, powerful variations which Kevin has not taught publicly before, and best of all, how to use Slim Jims to make money from program trading! More Info

How To Successfully Trade The Haggerty 1,2,3 Strategy
Imagine that Kevin Haggerty, former head of trading for Fidelity Capital Markets, is sitting next to you as you trade. And while he's sitting next to you, Kevin trains you and drills you relentlessly on how to apply his 1,2,3 Strategy...the one pattern that he has observed to consistently finds tops and bottoms in all time frames...intraday, daily, weekly, and even monthly! More Info