Kevin Haggerty

Where Is All Started

From the small town of Long Beach New York to South Florida, and beyond. I have spent 43 years on this planet and I am truly blessed. It wasn't always that way though. I spent the better part of my childhood in an abusive home, and then onto my teens and 20s addicted to drugs and alcohol. No guides or mentors to help me find the right path, it took years to be free of the lifestyle that would have ended in sadness if not worse. From mechanic to coaching, consulting, media & web design, and servant of God. My drive comes from failure, triumphs, and everything in between.

What Drives and Motivates Me Daily

For just over 20 years I worked in the automotive industry as a technician in the automotive repair shop world. After semi retiring, I shifted into the amazing world of sales, consulting, and coaching. Throughout that time I honed my skills in serving, connecting, and working with my clients to understand what they really want. To be served! From then and now I still strive to add value to the world in every way I can.

My Passions & Skills Are Within & Not Limited To:

-Individual/Family Coaching


-Web Design/Logo Design

-Social Media Management

Individual & Family Coaching

Family Focused Solutions

Auto Repair Shop Consulting

Web Design & Social Media

Live To Serve My Clients

Photography & Videography

Let's talk

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